Finding Support for Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Indianapolis

Gender-based violence is a serious issue that affects many people in Indianapolis and beyond. Fortunately, there are organizations in the area that are dedicated to providing support and advocacy services to victims of gender-based violence. The Julian Center, Indiana Legal Services, and Coburn Place are three non-profit organizations that offer a variety of services to survivors of domestic violence and their families. The Julian Center is the largest organization in Central Indiana that provides advocacy services for victims of gender-based violence. Founded in 1975, this non-profit organization offers compassionate support and safe housing options to survivors of domestic violence and their children in the greater Indianapolis area.

They strive to restore hope and promote healing by illuminating the way forward. Indiana Legal Services is another non-profit law firm that works with several state agencies to identify children who might need treatment (support services for victims of neglect or abuse). They provide legal assistance to victims of gender-based violence and their families. Coburn Place is yet another organization that offers support to survivors of domestic violence and their children. They provide a safe environment for victims to heal and rebuild their lives. These organizations are dedicated to helping victims of gender-based violence in Indianapolis. They provide a variety of services, including legal assistance, safe housing, and emotional support.

If you or someone you know is a victim of gender-based violence, these organizations can help.

Mable Aliotta
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