Mental Health Support for Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Indianapolis

The Julian Center is a leading organization in Central Indiana that provides assistance to those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises. Their mission is to connect those in need to services and support from a variety of local, state, and national organizations. Southwestern Indiana Child Advocacy Center Coalition, Inc. and The Center for Women and Families, Inc.

are two of the many partners that collaborate with The Julian Center. In addition to Indianapolis, there are 24 domestic violence and abuse shelters and programs located in nearby cities such as Castle, Danville, and Noblesville. These resources provide immediate aid through emergency or crisis services. In Indianapolis alone, there are 7 domestic violence and abuse shelters and programs that offer a hotline or emergency shelter.

The Julian Center was established in 1975 with the aim of providing victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises with the help they need. They are devoted to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of those they serve, as well as meeting all requirements outlined in the request for proposal. The Julian Center offers a wide range of mental health services for victims of gender-based violence. These services include individual counseling, group therapy, crisis intervention, case management, legal advocacy, safety planning, and referrals to other community resources. They also provide support for survivors of human trafficking and provide education on healthy relationships. The Julian Center has a team of experienced mental health professionals who specialize in providing trauma-informed care to survivors of gender-based violence.

They understand the unique needs of survivors and strive to create a safe and supportive environment where survivors can heal from their trauma. The Julian Center also offers specialized services for LGBTQ+ survivors of gender-based violence. The Julian Center is committed to providing quality mental health services to victims of gender-based violence in Indianapolis. They are dedicated to helping survivors heal from their trauma and rebuild their lives. If you or someone you know is a victim of gender-based violence in Indianapolis, please contact The Julian Center for more information about their services.

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