Counseling Services for Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Indianapolis

The Julian Center is a renowned organization in Indiana that provides support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises in Central Indiana. Established in 1975, the center offers a wide range of services, including emergency shelter, counseling, and medical advocacy. The Women's Center's 24-hour shelter provides a safe and secure environment for victims of domestic violence and their children. It offers legal and medical promotion, individual counseling sessions and support groups, housing promotion, and goal and safety planning assistance.

The Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment (DVPT) grant program was created by the Indiana General Assembly (IC 5-2-6) in 1992 to support Indiana domestic violence centers. If selected, subrecipients must protect the privacy and confidentiality of those receiving the services and must meet all the requirements described in the request for proposal. Anyone who is suffering from or has experienced abuse in an intimate relationship can call the hotline to request information about the possibility of receiving counseling provided by specially trained advocates. These advocates help victims explore their feelings and understand their options. Medical advocates also provide training to health system professionals in an effort to improve the health system's response to domestic violence. Living in a home where there are verbal or physical fights can cause a lot of problems for children of all ages.

The Julian Center offers counseling services specifically designed for children who have been affected by gender-based violence.

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