What are the current laws in indianapolis regarding women's rights?

The ACLU works to ensure that every woman can make the best decision for herself and her family about whether and when to have a child, without undue policies. Laws will be passed to guarantee women, under equitable conditions, all property, real and personal, whether they owned before marriage or acquired later through purchase, gift, design, or descent (p. The committee informed according to instructions and the section was approved by 71 votes to 61 (p. Later, with a vote of 65 to 61), the vote on its approval was reconsidered and the section was not approved by 63 to 68 (p.

Itlin Bernard, the doctor who performed that abortion in Indianapolis, tweeted the Saturday that she was “devastated by the legislature's action.” The law is “another radical step by Republican legislators to eliminate women's reproductive rights and freedom,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement. Indiana's legislation was already considered restrictive compared to that of other states, so about 35 percent of women seeking an abortion had already traveled out of state, said Jessica Marchbank, director of state programs at the All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, Indiana. The blockade is still in effect as a result of another lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Indiana, alleging that the law violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). Some people who oppose abortion praised the passage of the law as a road map for conservatives in other states who were advocating similar bans following the high court decision on Roe, which had guaranteed for the past 50 years the right to receive abortion services.

In an interview, Yoder said that she and other like-minded state legislators are considering taking short-term measures that could negate the impact of the new law, noting that the legislature has not formally adjourned. Laws will be passed that guarantee now-married women the right to acquire all property in the future, in all cases where said married woman, along with her husbands, presents, at the registrar's office in the county where they reside, a statement, duly attested, expressing the parties' desire to abide by the provisions of that law (p.) When signing the legislation, Holcomb applauded the work of the legislators; he had called for a special session this summer to find a way to restrict abortion , recognizing the disagreements between those who oppose abortion. An official from Indiana Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, said the new law will end 95 percent of abortions in Indiana and close all abortion clinics in the state next September. Salesforce, the tech giant with 2,300 employees in Indiana, had previously offered to relocate its employees to states with abortion restrictions, although on Saturday it did not respond to a request for comment on the Indiana law.

“We have practically all the laws that selectively restrict abortion providers that exist here in Indiana,” said Dr. Renee Pack, from Indianapolis, who later responded to Jacob and spoke about her own abortion in 1990, when she was serving in the United States military. Women's real and personal property, whether owned before marriage or acquired later by purchase or gift, that is not owned by the husband through fraud against his creditors, his creation or his descendants, will be and will continue to be guaranteed by law under equitable conditions (p.

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